Sudan accuses Israel of bombing it, killing two. Jenin mourns a lost theatrical hero. The IMF says Palestine is ready for statehood. The World Bank praises Palestinian state-building efforts but says the occupation is the main obstacle. Israelis and Palestinians bicker over the future of a pre-1948 village. Occupation forces detain 100 Palestinian women in the West Bank. Pres. Abbas visits Cairo. Israel destroys Palestinian homes and roads in the Jordan Valley. Israel charges five Palestinians in a Jerusalem bomb plot. Hamas members are arrested for allegedly plotting to abduct Israeli soldiers. Jordan's FM says settlement building is a threat to peace. Leaked cables suggest Peace Now urged the US to press for evacuations of unauthorized settler outputs. A new poll suggests most Egyptians support maintaining the treaty with Israel. The authors of a new Israeli peace plan say PM Netanyahu must take the lead. Larry Derfner says the Goldstone Report was not the problem, the Gaza war was. Palestinian human rights groups issue an open letter to Goldstone. The Ford Foundation will no longer fund Israeli NGOs. Osman Mirghani says Israel is trying to thwart Arab democracy. Daoud Kuttab says Goldstone’s reconsideration’s are not good for anybody.

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