Following the death of the prisoner, Hamas leaders say they want to crack down on torture. Palestinian security forces fire near Israeli troops in the West Bank. The PA is looking into reports of Palestinians held at Guantánamo Bay. Jordan's king says failure to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will fuel Middle East violence. Israel denies a report about a new peace initiative. Aluf Benn says PM Netanyahu has fallen into a Palestinian diplomatic trap. The State Department says preserving the peace treaty with Egypt is essential for Israel. Leaked cables suggest Israel urged the US to support Palestinian banks. A new flotilla to Gaza is postponed. An extremist Rabbi urges Israel to encourage Bedouins to leave the country and the occupied territories. Nablus' governor urges calm after shootings near holy site, and settlers vow to return “with vigor.” An armed gang reportedly attacks the Egypt-Israel oil pipeline. Extremist MKs are preparing annexation bills in response to potential EU or UN recognition of Palestine. Israel Finkelstein says Jerusalem excavations are not dangerous but could be handled better. Faisal Al Qasim says the actions of many Arab dictators are worse than Israel's. David Rothkopf says PM Netanyahu has very little time left for effective diplomatic action.

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