Palestinians say if there is no peace agreement by fall they will approach the UN Security Council for recognition, and that this should not result in a decrease in US aid. Israel is under pressure to present peace proposals, or, diplomats say, the Quartet may recognize Palestinian statehood. Palestinian officials say they expect support for statehood from two thirds of UN members, but experts say such a move could backfire. Jewish-American groups debate ways to thwart U.N. recognition of Palestine. Palestinians say they prefer an agreement with Israel. Pres. Abbas, who is visiting Tunis, says the PA will have a new cabinet within a week. Hamas holds a state funeral for a murdered Italian activist, and Charles Glass laments his killing. Palestinian contractors say the PA owes them millions in unpaid bills. A Fatah member dies in Hamas custody. Ha’aretz says Israeli leaders need to think before they speak. The Jerusalem Post interviews the new head of the Israeli Government Press Office. David Newman says the Israeli right has created a crisis of academic freedom. The Forward profiles a new extremely right-wing GOP House member passionately opposed to a two-state solution, and from the left Ahmad Samih Khalidi also dismisses the idea. Yossi Alpher says the peace process is stuck because the parties aren’t interested, and Ghassan Khatib says it has become more process than peace. More prominent international authors join the fight to prevent Israel from deporting a Palestinian bookseller from his own city of Jerusalem.

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