The Washington Post asks if the “Arab Spring” will bring about a broad-based peace agreement with Israel. An Italian activist is murdered by extremists in Gaza. Hamas arrests suspects and most Palestinian groups denounce the killing. Aaron David Miller says it would be a “dumb idea” for Palestinians to seek statehood at the UN. David Makovsky says the US has unwisely relegated the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to the sidelines. The Senate passes a resolution asking the UN to rescind the Goldstone Report. The EU opens its market to Palestinian exports. Turkey tells Israel it’s not responsible for Gaza flotillas. PM Netanyahu will address Congress next month. The Israeli official in charge of negotiating the release of a captured soldier is resigning. Israeli settlers wound a Palestinian in the West Bank. Palestinians inaugurate the first West Bank international soccer stadium. Ha’aretz says FM Lieberman must resign now. Carlo Strenger says that Hamas’ ideology is dooming it to irrelevance. The UK will send an observer to the next Israeli Jerusalem “zoning committee” meeting. Palestinians seek US support for statehood. Former PM Olmert condemns Goldstone’s reconsideration as “too little, too late.” Tensions have not affected Israeli-Turkish trade. A California university withdraws backing from a conference on Palestinian rights. George Hishmeh notes that more Americans than ever think the US isn’t doing enough to solve the conflict. Omar Rahman says Israel should accept the terms of the Arab Peace Initiative, and Yossi Alpher agrees but with “minor interpretations.” Interfaith leaders urge Pres. Obama to lay out the key principles for Middle East peace.

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