Two Palestinians are arrested in connection with the murder of a settler family, but their families say they were tortured into confessing while their Palestinian neighbors express shock. The murder of an Italian activist is a blow to Hamas, raising questions about its control in Gaz, as it identifies four suspects. Palestinian Christians are denied access by Israel to holy places in occupied East Jerusalem during Easter. Most Palestinians oppose suicide bombing and rocket attacks against Israel. The residents of Beit Ummar in the West Bank say they are under siege by Israeli occupation forces. Palestinians mark “Prisoners Day.”A Hamas leader in Gaza says a captured Israeli soldier will be held until its demands are met. Edgar Bronfman says supporting Israel means questioning its policies. Amir Oren warns that Israeli leaders might be tempted into “a foolhardy military initiative” for political reasons. PM Netanyahu says he’s concerned Egypt’s next government will be unfriendly. A Turkish minister strongly criticizes FM Lieberman. A projectile fired from Gaza lands in southern Israel causing no damage or injuries. Right-wing members of Netanyahu’s party are concerned about an upcoming policy speech. Gil Hoffman looks at US-Israel relations. An Israeli teenager dies from wounds sustained on a bus attacked by a rocket fired from Gaza. Students plead not guilty to criminal charges for disrupting a speech by Israeli Amb. Oren. US officials insist they are committed to advancing the peace process. Raghida Dergham says the United States must “indelibly” lay out the terms of a two-state solution. Aryeh Neier says Judge Goldstone’s reconsiderations are based on paltry evidence, and Rami Khouri says his personal opinion is less important than his report. Uri Avnery says Israeli settlers are seizing control of national politics and this follows a historical pattern.

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