FM Lieberman may be indicted on corruption charges. Palestinians gain crucial international support for independence at a Brussels donor meeting. Fatah officials say there are no political prisoners being held in the West Bank. PM Fayyad says Palestinians have received the international “birth certificate” for their state. Fatah wins student elections at Bethlehem University. Palestinians say a new US peace effort must come soon. Analysts say a possible plan by PM Netanyahu for a partial West Bank pullout is an effort to avoid a diplomatic “tsunami” in September. The Palestinian FM says he doesn’t expect talks to resume soon. Some of Judge Goldstone’s co-authors don’t agree with his reconsiderations. The EU grants Palestinian produce duty-free status. 1,000 American Christians are asking to become West Bank settlers. Palestinians say settlers cut down 150 trees. Larry Derfner says Israelis are blind to realities in Gaza. D. Bloomfield says both sides are wasting time on peace. Jewish Voice for Peace is reportedly isolated by its refusal to endorse a two-state solution. The State Department annual human rights report criticizes Israel, the PA and Hamas. The Israeli military will move towards “smart warfare.” George Hishmeh says Netanyahu has been caught flat-footed by the wave of international support for Palestinian independence. Daoud Kuttab says US diplomacy is suffering because it’s not doing enough on Palestine. Ghada Karmi says Israel’s narrative about Palestinian refugees is bogus.

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