Israel and Hamas are considering a cease-fire, but divisions in Hamas are complicating factor. The CSM says time is no longer on the side of Israel or PM Netanyahu. FM Lieberman says Israel should topple Hamas rule in Gaza and a cease-fire is not in Israel’s interests. The PA says it will be ready for statehood in September. Israel is accused of targeting water facilities in Gaza. The Arab League may call for a no-fly zone over Gaza. Israel holds back on final approval for new settlement housing in occupied East Jerusalem. A new Israeli anti-rocket system, which the US is helping to fund, is having an impact, but Netanyahu says it cannot protect every house. Analysts predict a short-term cease-fire but long-term instability in Gaza. Israel closes a West Bank village and arrests 23 Palestinians. Israeli authorities predict a breakthrough in the investigation of the murder of a settler family. Niva Lanir predicts September will be a diplomatic disaster for Israel. Akiva Eldar says Israel must start evacuating West Bank settlements. David Horovitz says Netanyahu has no strategy and should consider recognizing Palestinian statehood. Both Israeli and Palestinian youth show signs of becoming politically apathetic. Raghida Dergham says the US must deal with the Palestinian issue to address broader Arab unrest. Uri Avnery says he feels sorry for Judge Goldstone. Hussein Ibish says most Arabs yearn for peace.

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