Five more Palestinians are detained in an Israeli raid on a West Bank village. The UN says Palestinian progress is sufficient for statehood. The complete blockade of Gaza reaches its seventh day, and farmers are suffering greatly from the closure. Israeli soldiers will now be equipped with cameras. Hamas denies Syria is sponsoring Palestinian reconciliation negotiations. PM Netanyahu is reportedly considering a partial pullback in the West Bank, prompting settler panic, but Palestinian leaders question the idea. Netanyahu meets with a Canadian teenage pop star. The Quartet postpones a meeting on negotiations. Amir Peretz seeks the leadership of the Labor Party. A new poll shows 51% of Americans oppose a unilateral Palestinian declaration of statehood. FM Lieberman gives an unusual radio interview. Gershon Baskin says another war in Gaza is a trap for Israel. E. Kontorovich says Israel will not face a “diplomatic tsunami” in September. Palestinians rename Jerusalem streets. Rachel Shabi eulogizes Juliano Mer-Khamis. Proposed US legislation would call on the UN to rescind the Goldstone Report. Mel Frykberg says a new war in Gaza is still possible. Rami Khouri says the “Israeli Peace Initiative” is worth careful consideration, and Hussein Ibish says it reminds us negotiations are both possible and indispensable.

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