Competing Tel Aviv protests show Israelis divided over Palestinian statehood. George Moffett looks at tensions in Jerusalem. Yossi Beilin says the Geneva Accord was a breakthrough model for peace. Sandy Tolan says a change of heart on both sides is necessary. Aaron David Miller says speeches alone cannot change the strategic equation. French and other European leaders reportedly say they are considering recognizing Palestine. The Egyptian government announces plans to ease restrictions on Gaza. Pres. Abbas says UN rejection of Palestinian statehood would be dangerous, and that France backs his unity proposal to Hamas. The UN urges bold steps for peace. Palestinian leaders are deciding where to house the archives of the late Pres. Arafat. Israeli forces destroy warehouses in a Gaza industrial zone. Sefi Rachlevsky accuses PM Netanyahu of turning Israel into “another South frica.” Ha’aretz reviews a new CD by a Palestinian citizen of Israel. Pres. Peres says Israel needs a peace plan. Palestinian officials reassert the importance of the right of return for refugees. The US says the UN should stop actions based on the Goldstone Report, and Richard Falk looks at its future. Several are wounded in mortar fire in Gaza. Israel’s National Infrastructure Minister says Israel should annex what it wants in the West Bank if Palestine is recognized by the UN. The PA complains Israel is slowing mail deliveries to the West Bank. A new housing plan aims to keep Palestinian Christians in Jerusalem. Abbas urges EU to play a more prominent role in Mideast peae

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