Activists are preparing another Gaza flotilla, and Turkey warns Israel against repeating “the mistake” of last year. Israeli Amb. Oren praises the US-Israel alliance, but Stephen Walt disagrees, and Aluf Benn strikes a middle ground. The PA cabinet calls for an end to settlement activity. Palestinian university employees go on strike. International activists help with the harvest on Gaza’s border. Ha’aretz says the shooting of settlers by Palestinian police must be considered a mistake until proven otherwise, and Palestinians are investigating the incident. A.B. Yehoshua asks why the conflict cannot be resolved. Amir Oren says Pres. Obama can learn from Egypt’s peace treaty with Israel. The Palestinian leadership is trying to avoid a confrontation with Israel. Obama urges Turkey to improve relations with Israel. A Hamas delegation travels to Cairo. A new poll suggests many Egyptians would support annulling the treaty with Israel. Gershon Baskin warns that imposed solutions will not work. Pres. Peres gives Obama a letter from convicted spy Jonathan Pollard. Hassan Barari says the Palestinians don’t have a peace partner in Netanyahu. The VOA interviews Palestinian businessman Munib Al Masri.

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