Angus Reid Global Monitor reports on a Palestinian survey by An-Najah university showing 80% of Palestinians skeptical of President Bush's pledge to secure a Palestinian state (2.) Reuters examines the conditions set by Palestinian president Abbas for talks with Hamas (4), while Al-Jazeera (Qatar) reports on Hamas conditions for the Gaza border with Egypt (11.) The Forward looks at renewed tensions between Jewish American organizations and mainstream Protestant churches over a re-emerging divestment drive (6.) A Guardian (UK) editorial is critical of the just-released Winograd Report in Israel for not promoting new thinking regarding the use of military force (8.) China View (China) also looks at the An-Najah poll, focusing on results showing a majority of Palestinians in favor of the Gaza border crossings being controlled by Palestinian Authority forces as opposed to Hamas (10.) A Gulf News (UAE) opinion by George Hishmeh analyzes how the Gaza situation has changed regional calculations (12.) A Jerusalem Post (Israel) opinion by Sheldon Schreter outlines how Israel's settlement enterprise on the occupied Palestinian territories is greviously harming Israel on two levels (14.)

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