In the Middle East Times, editor Claude Salhani examines the challenges facing President Bush as he attempts to bring about a resolution to the Israeli Palestinian conflict in the final year of his presidency (1.) In American Prospect, Israeli author and former editor Gershom Gorenberg uses the example of Israel's separation barrier in the occupied West Bank to illustrate that the solution to Israel's security issues is political rather than military (3.) In christian Century, senior contributing editor James Wall draws parallels with the Annapolis meeting and the Middle East in 1918 (5.) In Israel Policy Forum, Sadie Goldman details how an effective use of the funds pledged to the Palestinians at the Paris donor conference coupled with U.S. and Quartet engagement can lay the foundations of a future Palestinian state and address Israeli security needs (7.) Inter Press Service analyzes the implications of the fundraising partnership between the Jewish Agency and the Christian Zionist group the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (8.) A Daily Star (Lebanon) opinion by Rami Khouri takes issue with how Arab and Asian elites as well as U.S. presidential candidates are manipulating the issue of terrorism for political ends (10.) A Gulf News (UAE) opinion by editor-at -large Frances Matthew urges Arab leadership to address the three major Mideast trouble spots of Palestine, Iraq and Lebanon (11.) Haaretz (Israel) reports on the return of Palestinian Authority control over the West Bank city of Nablus (13.) Also in Haaretz, an editorial calls on President Bush to make a concerted push to bridge Israeli and Palestinian positions in the last year of his presidency (14.)

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