May 29th

The New York Times examines the State Department’s recent withdrawal of all Fulbright grants to Palestinian students (1). An opinion piece in the Daily Star suggests that any talk of border negotiations is premature while larger issues of cooperation and security remain unsolved (5). Israel closes a key food transport passage into Gaza (6). Violence continues in Gaza and the West Bank (3) (7) (8) (9). Israel’s Kadima party prepares for Olmert’s possible resignation and anticipates the future of their party (10).

May 28th

An ATFP translation from Al-ayyam daily looks at the tension between Fatah and the Fayyad government (1). The pressure continues to build on Prime Minister Ehud Olmert (3). Desmond Tutu condemns Israel’s Gaza blockade (4). Salaam Fayyad addresses the graduation ceremony for the most recent class of the Palestinian National Security Forces (6). The Israel Policy Forum hails the recent Palestine Investment Conference (7).

May 27th

An article in the Christian Science Monitor examines how the delay in establishing an operational cellular phone network is holding back the Palestinian economy (1). The Jewish Quarterly highlights the importance of Jerusalem for Israel and the peace process (2). The current Israeli political crisis around Ehud Olmert continues to grow (4) (5). A tentative truce between Hamas and Israel is brokered in Egypt (6). Coverage continues of the recent Palestine Investment Conference (11).

May 26th

Continued coverage of the Palestine Investment Conference offers a host of perspectives, including an ATFP translation of an interview with Dr. Ziad Asali in Al-Ayyam Daily (1) (4) (9). A New York Times opinion piece suggests that Arab media sources could be a potentially powerful ally in the Middle East (2). The J Street lobby is looked to as a counterbalancing influence for AIPAC in a Newsweek interview (3). Peace talks continue between Israel and Syria in Turkey (6) (7). Pending Israeli demolition in the West Bank threatens 3,000 Palestinian homes (10).

May 21st

Four articles present continued coverage of the Palestine Investment Conference, currently underway in Bethlehem (1) (2) (3) (4). An editorial in the Middle East Times examines how the U.S. has been conspicuously absent in the latest round of regional negotiations (6). ATFP Board Member George Hishmeh offers his thoughts on Bush’s recent Middle East visit in an opinion piece in the Gulf News (8). An article from the Kuwait News Agency points to the increasing disparity between high-level peace talks and the facts on the ground for average Palestinians (10).

May 19th

An ATFP translation of Hassan Al-Batal’s opinion piece in al-Ayyam daily looks at how Palestinian refugees have helped to build the identity of their host countries (1). The Jewish Quarterly hosts a symposium on the future of Israel’s Arab citizens (2). Der Spiegel examines President Bush’s Middle East policy legacy (4). The U.S. role in brokering a peace is questioned in Ynet News (9) (10). Shmuel Rosner’s blog features an interview with Jeffry Goldberg regarding his most recent article, which was featured in yesterday’s roundup (11).

May 18th

Karin Laub reports for the Associated Press on efforts to encourage investment in Palestine at the upcoming Bethlehem Conference (2). US President George W. Bush faces criticism for his latest trip to the Middle East (5). Thomas Friedman examines the question of Obama’s attitude toward Israel (6). As violence continues in Gaza (8) and Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak warns of escalation (9). In Y-Net News, Yehuda Litani argues for freeing Marwan Barghouti(10).

May 15th

U.S. President Bush¹s remarks to the Israeli Knesset draw wide reaction (1, 3, 10). Ashraf Khalil reports on Palestinian rememberance of the Nakba (2). United Press International Editor at Large Arnaud de Borchgrave discusses Iranian strategy in the Middle East (4). Diplomatic moves continue between Israel and Hamas (6-7) and another rocket attack has occurred (8).

May 14th

Rashid Khalidi reviews the Israeli-Palestinian conflict 60 years on (1). The AP provides an account of President Bush’s address to the Knesset (2). David Ignatius critiques Bush Administration policies in the Middle East (3). AFP reports that the Israeli army is prepared for military action in Gaza (4). David Makovsky evaluates the impact of allegations against the Israeli Prime Minister on peace talks (5). Ben White examines the effect of checkpoints in the occupied territories (6). HaimBaram examines Israeli fears (7), while AviShlaim recounts diplomatic relations between Israel and Jordan (8). Reuters demands information on the death of one of its cameramen (9).

May 13th

Joshua Mitnick looks at the State of Israel on its 60th birthday in the first of a two part story (2) in the Washington Times. Bloodshed continues as a rocket attack wounds Israelis in an Ashkelon mall (3) and several Palestinians are killed during an Israeli airstrike in the Gaza Strip (4). The Associated Press reports that Israel will soon approve more home construction in the West Bank (6). Hamas leader Mahmoud Al-Zahar questions Israeli military supremacy (9).

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