March 26th

In a statement issued by the Palestinian National Authorit, Prime Minister Salam Fayyad discusses the re-launching of the Ministry of Finance’s website (3). An editorial in the Daily Star discusses Lebanon’s missed opportunity with respect to the Syrian Arab summit (4). In the American Prospect, an opinion by Gershom Gorenburg examines attacks made at US Democratic Presidential hopeful Barack Obama concerning his association with Robert Malley (8). Stewart Ain reports on the status of peace talks before the arrival of US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in The Jewish Week (9). In Haaretz, Shmuel Rosner cautions Secretary Rice and US President George W. Bush (11).

March 25th

An opinion in Haaretz by Kadura Fares analyzes comments by Israel Housing Minister Ze'ev Boim concerning settlements (1). In UPI, Arnaud de Borchgrave seeks to understand the difference between mainstream media and the blogosphere (6). A discussion of economic conditions in the region and their impact on the peace process is the focus of a David Brodet opinion in BitterLemons (7). In Middle East Progress, an interview with retired Israeli Brigadier General Ilan Paz (8). Daoud Kuttab examines Israel’s deterrence strategy in a Daily Star opinion (9). The Jerusalem Post reports on Safed Chief Rabbi Shmuel Eliahu’s comments concerning the Yeshiva attack three weeks ago (11).

March 24th

In a Time Magazine Blog, Andrew Lee Butters described the process of Hizzballah recruitment (1). A poll in the Angus Reid Global Monitor reveals that most Israelis oppose a withdrawal from the West Bank (5). Ghassan Khatib discusses the impact of the declining US economy on peace in BitterLemons (6). The Daily Star reports on comments made by US Vice President Dick Cheney that Syria and Iran are undermining the renewed Israeli-Palestinian peace process (7). An opinion by Yoav Stern in Haaretz discusses the current state of the Arab world with respect to the upcoming Damascus meeting (12).

March 23rd

The New York Times reports on US Vice President Dick Cheney’s trip to the Middle East (1). Opinions in BitterLemons by Yossi Alpher and Sam Bahour discuss the armed conflict in Gaza (5) and its economy (6) respectively. Al-Quds reports on an inspection of Palestinian Security Forces by Minister Al Yahya and General Dayton (8). An opinion by Rami Khouri in the Daily Star illustrates a basic building block toward reconciliation (10). In Haaretz, an analysis of Olmert’s agenda by Moshe Arens (12).

March 19th

A Tobias Buck opinion in The Financial Times suggests that recent Israeli offensives have only helped to strengthen Hamas in Gaza (1). The Associated Press reports that US Presidential candidate John McCain supports Israel’s recent operations in the Gaza strip (2). Senior Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erakat warns that the PA could fal apart if peace fails to break out this year, reports the Agence France Presse (4). The Kuwait News Agency reports that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has refused to approve any bills coming through from the Palestintian Legislative Authority (7). An editorial in Haaretz argues that the formation of a new peace coalition could invalidate Shas (9).

March 18th

An opinion in the International Herald Tribune by Elie Fawaz suggests that the Lebanese government should take advantage of Hezbollah’s current weakened position (1). Reuters reports that Hamas has refused Fatah’s demand it cede Gaza control for reconciliation (6) while the Media Line reports that jailed Fatah leader Marwan Al-Barghouthi has not ruled out his candidacy for chairmanship of the Palestinian Authority (7). An Alon Ben-Meir article in the Middle East Times focuses on the bitter cycle of violence that has developed since the seminary attack (9). Rami Khouri argues in the Daily Star that stalemate between Israel and the Palestinian Authority only increases the popularity of Hamas (10).

March 17th

An opinion by Ilene Prusher in the Christian Science Monitor discusses the role of Shas in pushing settlement growth (1). The Agence France Presse reports on US Republican presidential candidate John McCain’s recent comments supporting Jerusalem as the capital of Israel (2). In the Daily Star, Yossi Beilin suggests waiting for the new US administration before panicing (7) A Yehuda Lankri opinion in Haaretz discusses the upcoming visit of US ambassador James Cunningham (8).

March 16th

A Christian Science Monitor opinion by John K. Cooley argues for U.S. public diplomacy and education efforts for Arab youth (1). The Times Online discusses the upcoming trip of US President George W. Bush to Israel (2). In The Star, Oakland Ross observes Canada’s shifting policy concerning the Israel-Palestine conflict (5). An opinion in BitterLemons by Ghassan Khatib asserts that the recent actions of the Israeli government have strengthened Hamas and weakened Fatah (6). An editorial in Haaretz calls for American intervention (10).

March 9th

An opinion by David Ignatius in the Washington Post examines the fading hope of Annapolis (2) while an opinion by Aaron David Miller in the Los Angeles Times discusses the American Jewish communities commitment to Israel (3). An opinion in the Telegraph cautions that the halting of peace talks will only be a victory for the militants (7). BBC News reports that Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has approved a plan to build up to 750 new homes in a Jewish settlement in the West Bank (8). In the Daily Star, Mouin Rabbani warns that Fatah must reinvent itself or risk irrelevance (10). An editorial in the Middle East Times analyzes a recent Policy Focus by the American Task Force on Palestine (12).

March 6th

A new Policy Focus by ATFP questions what lies ahead for Gaza (1). An editorial in the Boston Globe discusses Israel’s hard options in Gaza (2). The Agence France Presse reports on yesterday’s Yeshiva attack (6). A MJ Rosenberg opinion in the Israel Policy Forum examines the history and future implications of escalation (8) while in Middle East Progress, Mara Rudman looks at the implications of yesterday’s Yeshiva attack (9).

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