February 28th

Reuters reports on the comments made by the Israeli Deputy Defense minister about a “bigger Holocaust” being visited upon Gaza by Israel due to the increased rocket attacks (1.) Steven Erlanger reports on the threats, protest and rhetoric in Israel's conflict with Hamas (3.) The spate of attacks and counterattacks that have been carried out by both Palestine and Israel in recent days is detailed in the Independent (4.) The Arab News details the events of the past decade in the peace process, and calls on the International community to intervene in order to ensure that peace becomes a reality (8.) A Haaretz editorial urges Prime Minister Olmert to immerse himself completely in the peace process (9.)

February 27th

The Washington Post repots on US Presidential candidate Barack Obama’s support of Israel (1). A Baltimore Sun opinion by Hagit Ofran discusses ongoing settlement building despite assurances of a settlement freeze (3). Reuters reports comments made by US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice concerning the suffering of Gaza civilians (5). A report compiled by the Global Investment House suggests growth in the Palestinian economy (7). An opinion by George Hishmeh in the Gulf News urges Israel to look to the mistakes of others (8). Yoav Stern reports for Haaretz that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has not ruled out armed conflict in the future (12).

February 26th

The demographic balance in Israel and the Palestinian territories is examined in the Washington Times (1.) Madeleine Albright urges the next American president to accept certain realities and to approach the Middle East in Partnership on the path to a new world. (4.) A survey suggests that the vast majority of Muslims worldwide want Western democracy and freedoms, but do not want them to be imposed (5.) An IPS piece examines the Gaza border and the current political realities in Gaza (7.) The Sydney Morning Herald writes about the reaction of human rights group, B’Tselem, to the dismissal of the disciplinary investigation into the killing of 21 Palestinian civilians (9.)

February 25th

The Baltimore Sun reports that Israel may be faced with the threat of war in gaza (2). In the DPA the UN calls for Israel, PA and Egypt to find a new strategy to alleviate the gaza crisis (3). Akram Baker examines which US Presidential candidate can offer ‘fresh eyes’ towards the middle in a Daily Star opinion (6). Barak Ravid reports in Haaretz that Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is unsure that a peace deal with the PA is possible in 2008 (10)..

February 24th

A New York Times article reports on Israel’s deflection of criticism from the Arab League (1.) The Associated Press quotes Mahmoud Abbas saying 2008 may be the last chance for peace (3.) A Financial Times article examines Israel’s strategy options in Gaza (4.) In Bitterlemons, Ghassan Khatib says that without the cessation of settlement activity, the negotiation process will be compromised (7.) According to a Jerusalem Post editorial, there can be no dialogue with Hamas until they recognize Israel and disavow terrorism (8.)

February 21st

Michael Slackman reports in the New York Times that Arab leaders are concerned about the prospects of a two-state proposal (1). An MJ Rosenberg opinion in IPF cautions against ignoring Syria (5) while a Gulf News editorial stresses the need for international action on Palestine now (6). Ron Kampeas of the JTA details Obama’s new Israel-related criticisms (8). An Haaretz article wonders where the pressure is in Gaza (10).

February 20th

Reuters reports on the European Union’s resolution regarding Israel’s treatment of Gaza (3.) An opinion piece by Egyptian Ambassador Nabil Fahmy, explains how Israel’s tactics in Gaza have only strengthened Hamas’s hold in the territory (5.) A Jordan Times article discusses a recent UN conference that stressed economic reform as the key for stability in the occupied territories (7.) The Arab News reports on settlement expansion in the West Bank (8.) The recent talk of unilateral independence is explored in Ha’aretz (10.)

February 19th

The New York Times report on the struggle between Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to move talks forward (1) while the Jerusalem Post reports on a conversation with Prime Minister Fayyad detailing his concerns that a peace deal in 2008 may be in peril (3). In a National Interest opinion Ted Galen Carpenter discusses what the thinks about sending NATO peacekeepers into the West Bank (5). A Yehudit Barsky opinion in the JTA examines Hezbollah’s next move (8). In Haaretz, Barak Ravid reports on a possible declaration of independence in the even peace talks with Israel fail (11).

February 18th

Reuters reports on comments from a senior PA adviser that the issue of Jerusalem is still a high priority in talks with Olmert (2.) An Angus Reid poll shows that most Israelis would back a motion to launch a large scale military operation in Gaza (3.) A report by Americans for Peace Now looks at settlement expansion in the West Bank (5.) The Kuwait News Agency covers French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner’s visit to the Palestinian Territories (9.) Ran HaCohen makes the case for Israel to talk with Hamas (11.) Gideon Levy compares the current situation in Azoun Village to the days of the Intifada(12.)

February 14th

An article in the Agence France-Press uses the plight of the flower industry in Gaza to highlight the effects of Israel’s economic lockdown (5). The Boston Globe discuses Imad Mughniyeh’s life and sudden death (2.) The Foreword’s Nathan Guttman covers’ Salam Fayyad’s speech to ATFP (3) and George Hishmeh argues that a lack of action from the Bush administration has led to dwindling hope in the peace process (4.) Steven Erlanger analyzes Israel’s Gaza predicament in the International Herald Times (8).

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