February 12th

In an Hareetz opinon, Uzi Benziman petitions Shas to leave the coalition (1). The Middle East Times reports on Arab League chief Amr Moussa’s dissatisfaction with the lack of progress in Isareli-Palestinian negotiations (3). Osama Al Sharif wonders when Hamas will decide whether it is a militant group or a functional government in an Arab News opinion (5). Israeli writer Amos Oz warns against an invasion of Gaza in a Ynetnews opinion (7). Reuters reports that Israel is seeking international backing for a Gaza campaign (11).

February 11th

An opinion by Samir Abdullah in the Daily Star contends that salvaging the two state solution could be President Bush’s greatest legacy, (1) while Steve Erlanger reports in the New York Times that Israeli vice prime minister Ramon sees no peace deal by year end (2). The Associated Press reports on Prime Minister Fayyad’s remarks to ATFP at the National Press Club (4). A New Republic opinion by Dennis Ross discusses the role the US can play in the current Gaza situation (5). Gershon Baskin wonders why we are not hearing about updates to the peace negotiations in a Jerusalem Post opinion (6).

February 10th

ATFP's Ziad Asali and Ghaith al-Omari discuss empowering Palestinian moderates (1). Daniel Gavron writes in the New York Times about Israel's reasons to celebrate...and plan for the long term (2). The Toronto Star's Oakland Ross highlights the industry of necessity in Gaza(4). Ghassan Khatib looks at the long term consequences of Palestinian division (5). The Jerusalem Post reports on Hamas' plans (6) and examines the legitimacy of Israel's response (7). Agence France-Presse examines the passing of Congressman Tom Lantos from an Israeli perspective(9). Finally, Angus Reid reports on a poll suggesting continued Palestinian disapproval of Hamas(11).

February 7th

The Washington Post (1) and BBC (2) monitor ongoing developments in Gaza. Reuters reports on Salam Fayyad’s view of the near future (3). MJ Rosenberg offers advice for future negotiations (5). Daniel Kurtzer discusses America’s role in the negotiations. In domestic news, The Daily Star’s Ghassan Rubiez analyzes Super Tuesday from an Arab-American perspective (8) while Shmuel Rosner discusses John McCain’s Israel policy(10).

February 6th

Reuters highlights the views of Middle East envoy Tony Blair regarding the ‘road map’ and the recent progress made by the PA (1.) The state of Arab philanthropy is examined in a Christian Science Monitor article by Ian Wilhelm (2.) The Jordan Times looks at Jordan’s recent warning to Israel to stop altering facts on the ground through settlement expansion (5.) In the Jerusalem Post, Edgar Lefkovitz writes about the recent assertion by Mahmoud Abbas that his security officials are ready to take responsibility for the border crossings in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip (7.) A Ynet news article discusses the treatment of Palestinians crossing the border into Egypt and Hamas’s call for Egypt to voice its anger at Israel instead.

February 5th

The BBC reports that Israel has approved the construction of a fence along its border with Egypt (2) while reports issued by The Media Line and MIFTAH detail the growth in the economy of the West Bank (4) and the political opinions of educated, youth and women Palestinians (5) respectively. An editorial in the Jewish Daily Forward wonders why Israel continues not to explore Hamas’ standing offer of a cease-fire (8). In the Daily Star, Rami Khouri comments on the declining power of the Arab state (9). Finally, Amira Hass of Haaretz discusses what the PA can do to increase its support among current Palestinians on strike.

February 4th

Ilene Prusher of The Christian Science Monitor details the rejuvenation of talks to complete the Isarel/Egypt wall (2). In The Gulf News, Khalil Al Assali reports on Dr. Mustafa Al Barghouthi statement that Hamas is effectively ending ‘the Palestinian dream’ (3). A Forward editorial on religion and the Jewish vote in the American election warrants a clarification (7). Al-Jazeera breaks news that Egypt is calling for PA help in Gaza’s border management (8). Daniel Kurtzer of the Daily Star offers deep analysis of the peace process (10) while Akiva Eldar of Haaretz examines the irrelevancy of military superiority (12).

February 3rd

Isabel Kershner of the New York Times discusses the impact of Ehud Barak, Israeli Defense Minister, remaining in Ehud Olmert's coalition in the wake of the Winograd report.(2) In Mother Jones, Justin Elliott touches on Barack Obama's recent statements about the border crisis in Gaza. (5) Mousa Qous suggests that the continued Israeli settlement building in East Jerusalem could compromise future negotiations of a two state solution in BitterLemons. (Israel/Palestine) (8) An Arab News editorial petitions Mahmoud Abbas to make a deal with Hamas over the recent border crisis. (9) An Haaretz article ranks the U.S. presidential candidates positions on the Israel/Palestine debate. (11) Also in Haaretz, Amos Harel updates on the first suicide bombing in Israel in over a year. (13)

January 31st

Reuters reports on the latest news from the Rafah crossing (1.) The Economist examines the new power equation following Hamas’ breach of the border (2.) Time Magazine further analyzes the Gaza situation (3.) The Independent’s Donald Macintyre (4) and Financial Time’s Phillip Stevens (5) examine Olmert’s options. The Financial Times discusses how Israel’s coalition government rests on Labor’s upcoming decision (6.) The Time’s Chris Doyle argues continued occupation is the driving force behind continued Qassam rocket attacks and questions punishing the million for the sake of the few (7.) With U.S. elections impending, M.J. Rosenberg offers platform advice to candidates (10) as the Middle East Times ranks their support for Palestine (11.) Finally, Al-Ahram’s Serene Assir argues for permanent long-term cooperation between Egypt and Gaza(12).

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