April 29th

ATFP President Ziad Asali fields another question at Shmuel Rosner’s blog (1). Dominique Moisi reflects on Israel’s anniversary (3) while Sarah Kreimer discusses Zionism in the Jerusalem Post (10). United Nations Secretary General Bam Ki Moon emphasizes the need for a viable and just solution to the Palestinian refugee issue (7). Finally, Rami Khouri writes about how current negotiations continue despite U.S. Involvement (8).

April 28th

In Haaretz Shmuel Rosner asks ATFP President Ziad Asali about bolstering Palestinian Moderates (1). Jeffrey Goldberg discusses the relationship between Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Dan Grossman in The Atlantic (2). The Associated Press details US President George W. Bush’s upcoming May trip to the Middle East (4). An editorial in the Daily Star implicates ‘those who look the other way’ as accomplices to ‘Israel’s crimes in Gaza’ (9). The King of Jordan and President of Egypt warn against ‘lack of enthusiasm’ for peace, reports the Jordan Times (11). YNET News covers a joint statement released by Israeli and Palestinian organization claiming Israel is violating international law (12).

April 27th

ATFP President Dr. Ziad Asali begins a week long guest slot on Shmuel Rosner’s blog (1). You can submit questions regarding the Israeli Palestinian Peace Process by email at rosnersdomain@haaretz.co.il. Hamas places conditions on accepting the 1967 borders (2) as Israel continues to decline the conversation (4). Tariq Alhomayed discuses the global political context of the Israeli-Syrian negotiations (6). Israeli settlers arrive in Ras al-Amud (9) and MK Uri Ariel asks the Israeli government to encourage Israeli Arabs to “willingly emigrate” from the country(10).

April 24th

President Bush wants an outline for a Palestinian State by the end of his term(1). President George W. Bush is drawing fire for his forthcoming trip to Israel (2) while the ongoing negotiations stalemate is negatively affecting both Mahmoud Abbas' and Ehud Olmert's support (7). The IMF praises the Palestinian Authority's moves toward fiscal sustainability(5). Finally, M.J. Rosenberg discusses the necessity of diplomacy in his weekly column for the Israel Policy Forum.

April 23rd

Glenn Kessler reports on the disclosure of a 2004 letter from President Bush purporting to acquiesce to expanded Israeli settlements (1) while Prime Minister Olmert mulls supporting a new bill to compensate settlers for leaving the occupied territories (2). New movements build speculation on the possibility of a peace deal between Syria and Israel (6) (9). Richard Hass discusses a future world absent dominant world powers (8). Finally, President Bush prepares his agenda for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ forthcoming visit.

April 22nd

Fuel begins flowing to Gaza (1) as the United Nations warns of the effects of collective punishment (10). Reuter’s Jeffrey Heller analyzes the effect of accused spy Ben-Ami Kadish on U.S. Israeli relations (4). The Associated Press previews Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ upcoming visit to the United States (5). In Haaretz, Uzi Benziman points out the critical nature of U.S./Palestinian talks(11).

April 21st

Rami Khoury reports on Arab perceptions of the United States’ policies for the International Herald Tribune (2). The Middle East Times’ Claude Salhani discusses potential consequences of Jimmy Carter’s visit(4). Al-Ahram probes the divide between HAMAS and Egypt (5). The Daily Star examines Israel’s economic consequences from continued fighting (6). Haaretz examines how regional politics are affecting the U.S. Presidential race (9).

April 20th

ATFP President Ziad Asali discusses how to keep the peace process on track (1). Ynet news covers Mahmoud Abbas¹ upcoming visit to the U.S. (2). In the Independent, Donald Macintyre provides a glimpse into the lives of young Israeli soldiers serving in Hebron(4). Former President Jimmy Carter speaks in Jerusalem about his meetings with HAMAS (5) while a Presidential candidate argues for focus on the region (6). Al-Jazeera (8), Ynet news (10) and the Arab News (9) highlight three different developments negatively affecting life for Palestinians.

April 17th

Israel allows the PA to open 20 civilian police stations (1). President Jimmy Carter’s trip to the region continues to grab national headlines (3,4). M.J. Rosenberg discusses the launch of the J-Street Project (5)while Jeremy Ben-Ami makes a case for a different meaning of “Pro-Israel (6).” Haaretz is critical of recent fighting in Gaza(10).

April 16th

In the Christian Science Monitor, Joshua Mitnick discusses the removal of barriers in the West Bank (1). An opinion by Matthew Levitt in the Weekly Standard examines the message that former US President Jimmy Carter sent by meeting with Hamas (2). The relationship between the Israel-Palestine conflict and other regional conflicts is the subject of analysis in an opinion by Ghassan Khatib in BitterLemons(5). In the Daily Star, Rami Khouri argues that there are growing disparities in the Arab world (8). Shmuel Rosner looks at a new Jewish American alternative to AIPAC in Haaretz (11).

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