April 10th

Joshua Mitnick reports in the Washington Times concerning Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s reaction to former US President Jimmy Carter’s meeting with Hamas (1). In the Israel Policy Forum, M.J. Rosenberg presents an argument for land distribution regarding current settlements goalposts (2). Moran Banai and Mara Rudman examine the strategy that the US must utilize post-Annapolis in Middle East Progress (3). In the Arab News, Mohammed Mar’i reports that the expected year end peace agreement will not include an agreement on Jerusalem or refugees (8). Gulf News reports that the White House has urged former US President Jimmy Carter to not meet with Hamas leadership (10).

April 8th

This Editorial discusses the ease with which parties declare war in the conflict rather than peace (1). Mel Frykberg covers the effect the deteriorating economic situation in the Palestinian territories has had on children (2). A poll by Angus Reid suggests that most Israelis are disappointed over the performance of Olmert (3). Joshua Mitnick discusses the results of the recent dismantling of a checkpoint near Ramallah (4). Gazans, increasingly discouraged by fuel shortages, turn to the black market (5). Ghassan Khatib suggests that half-hearted efforts ultimately destroy the credibility of the various sides of the peace process (6). According to BBC, Egypt has declared that there shall be no more violations of the border it shares with the Gaza Strip (7). Barak Ravid and Yoav Stern report on the U.S.’s desire to hold a summit at the Sinai resort of Sharm during President Bush’s visit to the region in order to aid the peace process (8). Yossi Alpher insists in this opinion peace that the settlements themselves are the biggest impediment to security and the success of the economy of the West Bank (9).

April 7th

An opinion by Ori Nir in the Middle East Times suggests taking the Arab Peace Initiative directly to the Israeli public (1). In BitterLemons, Yariv Oppenheimer argues that continued settlement expansion is the biggest threat to the peace process (4). An editorial in the Daily Star presents a critique of Arab leaders (5). A Walid Awad opinion in Arab News puts forth the notion that an agreement between Palestinians and Israelis should be comprehensive and final and not a phased agreement (7). Shmuel Rosner blogs in Haaretz concerning the statement by evangelist John Hagee in response to recent accusations levelled at him by Rabbi Eric Yoffie, head of the Union for Reform Judaism (10).

April 6th

In the Washington Post, Jackson Diehl discusses the potential or Israeli action in Gaza (1).The Agence France Presse reports on the meeting of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas (4). A MJ Rosenberg opinion in the Israel Policy Forum examines what the Israeli-Arab debate will look like after current US President George W. Bush leaves office (5). In BitterLemons, Nimrod Novik suggests relaxing restrictions on Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and letting him negotiate with Hamas (6). Lawrence Pintak warns readers to ignore Al-Jazeera at their own peril in The Daily Star (8).

April 3rd

An editorial in the Washington Times discusses renewed military buildup in the Middle East (1). A summary of the agreement brokered by US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice between the Israelis and Palestinians during her latest visit is reported by IPF (3). Reuters reports on claims by Israel that they have removed 50 West Bank roadblocks (5). An editorial in the Jewish Daily Forward examines the implications of new settlement construction on President Abbas (7). In Haaretz, an interview with Zakariya Zubeidi (9) and an opinion by Akiva Eldar concerning the possibility of a third intifada is Israeli does not negotiate credibly (10).

April 2nd

An editorial in the New York Times discusses US engagement in the Middle East (1). In Time Magazine, Andrew Lee Butters blogs about slow progress for Palestinians in Lebanon (3). YNetnews reports on a recent meeting between the President of Egypt, the King of Jordan and the President of the Palestinian National Authority in which they discussed the peace process (7). In Haaretz, Israel Harel presents a criticism of Ehud Barak (8). Also in Haaretz, Shmuel Rosner examines a statement by Rabbi Yoffie concerning ‘allying with Christian Zionists’ (9).

April 1st

In the Washington Post, Griff Witte reports that Condoleezza Rice has left Israel without having negotiated a halt to settlement building in occupied Palestinian land (1). An opinon in the Daily Star by Rami Khouri examines what a halt on settlement activity could do for Palestinian confidence (4). In BitterLemons, Safwat Kahlout argues that Hamas is gaining strength thanks to the blunders of its foes (5). A poll in BBC, reported on by Haaretz, shows Iran as the only country viewed more negatively than Israel (8). Also in Haaretz, an Uzi Benziman opinion discusses the motivation of settlers (9).

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