This Editorial discusses the ease with which parties declare war in the conflict rather than peace (1). Mel Frykberg covers the effect the deteriorating economic situation in the Palestinian territories has had on children (2). A poll by Angus Reid suggests that most Israelis are disappointed over the performance of Olmert (3). Joshua Mitnick discusses the results of the recent dismantling of a checkpoint near Ramallah (4). Gazans, increasingly discouraged by fuel shortages, turn to the black market (5). Ghassan Khatib suggests that half-hearted efforts ultimately destroy the credibility of the various sides of the peace process (6). According to BBC, Egypt has declared that there shall be no more violations of the border it shares with the Gaza Strip (7). Barak Ravid and Yoav Stern report on the U.S.’s desire to hold a summit at the Sinai resort of Sharm during President Bush’s visit to the region in order to aid the peace process (8). Yossi Alpher insists in this opinion peace that the settlements themselves are the biggest impediment to security and the success of the economy of the West Bank (9).

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