The Associated Press reports on warnings by the Red Cross that Gaza's health and sanitary system is on the verge of total collapse unless Israeli eases its total blockade (2.) Reuters looks at the effect to-date on Gaza's sewage system of the tightening Israeli sanctions (4.) In the American Prospect, Israeli author Gershom Gorenberg urges a debate over what it means to be 'pro-Israel' to assist newly elected public leaders in 2009 in making more constructive decisions on Israel-Palestine (5.) A Boston Globe opinion by H.D.S. Greenway urges President Bush to draw lessons from Israel's Mideast experience on the ineffectiveness in using military force to address political issues (6.) BBC (UK) analyzes the impact of the economic blockade of Gaza on Hamas and divisions within the organization on how to address the issue (7.) The Guardian (UK) looks at how the civilian population of Gaza is paying the price of Israel's policy of stopping militant rocket through a total blockade of the territory (9.) A Daily Star (Lebanon) editorial urges Palestinians to unite in order to better confront their current challenges (10.) Haaretz (Israel) looks at a UN report showing a sic percent increase in the number of Israeli barriers to movement in the occupied West Bank (12.) Also in Haaretz, Avi Isaacharoff analyzes Israeli DM Barak's decision to impose a total blockade on Gaza in response to rocket fire (13.)

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