The Los Angeles Times examines how the opening of the Gaza-Egypt border has altered the political and security landscape (2.) A New York Times editorial is critical of all parties to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for using the civilian population of Gaza as pawns in their political struggle (3.) Reuters looks at how Israel is considering responding to the Gaza border breach (5.) A Baltimore Sun opinion by former Fatah militant and co-founder of Combatants for Peace Bassam Aramin urges an end to the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories if peace based on justice is to be established (6.) The Times (UK) looks at how Hamas planned its breach of the Gaza border wall for months leading up to the action (11.) A Daily Star (Lebanon) editorial cautions of the detrimental effect of the Gaza situation on any prospects for peace and U.S. credibility in the Middle East (12.) A Haaretz (Israel) editorial urges using the Gaza border issue as an opportunity to turn over border crossings to the Palestinian government and international organizations (15.)

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