The Washington Post reports on latest indications that Israel's evolving strategy regarding the Gaza Strip included continuing electricity and fuel restrictions (2.) Americans For Peace Now presents its weekly translated excerpts from the Israeli press (4.) The Jewish Telegraphic Agency examines how Jerusalem's Palestinian population is moving to Jewish neighborhoods in order not to be caught behind the wall Israel is separating occupied East Jerusalem from the West Bank with (6.) In Israel Policy Forum, MJ Rosenberg is critical of Israel's policy of trying to affect Palestinian political change through economically blockading Gaza (7.) The Times (UK) looks at Hamas' refusal to allow the breached Gaza border crossings with Egypt to be turned over to the Palestinian government (9.) A Guardian (UK) comment by Peter Beaumont analyzes how the Gaza border breach has impacted the Mideast political landscape (11.) Arab News (Saudi Arabia) looks at a UN report finding the 57% of Palestinians live in poverty (13.) Haaretz (Israel) reports on presidential candidate Obama's concerns regarding the campaign against him to weaken his support in the American Jewish community (14.) A Yedioth/Ynet News (Israel) opinion by Ben Gurion university lecturer Dror Ze'evi argues for Israel accepting a long-term ceasefire with Hamas (15.)

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