The Los Angeles Times reports on the crossing of tens of thousands of Palestinians of the breached Gaza border wall with Egypt in order to seek humanitarian relief (2.) A Middle East Times editorial examines how the recent Bush Mideast visit revealed diminishing U.S. influence among traditional allies (4.) The Jewish Telegraphic Agency looks at official Israeli reaction to international pressure regarding the Gaza situation (5.) A Guardian (UK) comment by UNRWA commissioner general Karen Koning AbuZayd is critical of the international community's reaction to the Gaza situation, warning that only further violence and extremism can result from not resolving the issue (7.) BBC (UK) reports from the Israeli border town of Sderot on the impact of continuing Palestinian militant rocket fire on its inhabitants (9.) An Independent (UK) comment by Deborah Orr accuses Hamas of colluding in Israel's collective punishment of Gaza by manipulating the victimhood issue for its own interests (10.) Al-Jazeera (Qatar) examines how the Israel-Palestine issue factors into the Christian evangelical vote in the U.S. presidential primaries (12.) A Haaretz (Israel) editorial raises concern about how the religious Zionist camp in Israel consider themselves outside the authority of the state (14.)

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