Reuters looks at the growing success of the slowly redeploying Palestinian police to reestablish law and order in West Bank cities (2.) The Washington Post examines how the issue of illegal Israeli settlement outposts in the West Bank have become the front line in the struggle over withdrawal from occupied land (4.) The Jewish Telegraphic Agency reports on where Israelis are leaning concerning the U.S. presidential election (6.) Americans For Peace Now presents its weekly excerpts from the Israeli press (7.) A Guardian (UK) editorial parses statements made by President Bush during his Israel-Palestine trip to find little substance (9.) The Times (UK) examines how the U.S. drive for Mideast democracy has faltered since it was declared a central theme of American foreign policy three years ago (11.) A Daily Star (Lebanon) opinion by Rami Khouri argues that the combination of citizen disenfranchisement and lack of state sovereignty in the Middle East has contributed to the rise in power of Islamists (12.) Asharq Alawsat (pan Arab) reviews official Palestinian reaction across the political spectrum to President Bush's statements about the Palestinian refugee issue during his Israel-Palestine visit (14.) In Haaretz (Israel) Akiva Eldar urges the Israeli government to consider whether any of its military or political actions regarding the Palestinians serve to strengthen or undermine President Abbas before conducting them (15.) Also in Haaretz, an opinion by Uzi Benziman takes the Israeli public to task for not pushing their leadership to adopt a peace agreement with the Palestinians the parameters of which are known to all (17.)

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