NEWS: In Israel there is both support and condemnation of a Palestinian citizen of Israel judge who stayed silent during the national anthem. Israeli officials cast a wary eye on the Sinai. Some supporters of Israel pressure Pres. Obama on the issue of Iran. Speculation grows that Israel may be considering special forces actions in Iran. Palestinian officials say they will give Israel a new deadline to agree ground rules for another round of talks. Former PM Olmert will address the next J Street conference. A new poll suggests that most Americans still have more positive views of Israel than the Palestinians. Palestinians find it hard to sell food products in Israel. Pres. Abbas may be preparing to send PM Netanyahu a letter asking about Israel's position regarding peace talks. In spite of turning against the Syrian regime, Hamas has not made any progress with the United States. Divisions in Hamas are threatening the primacy of its Politburo leader. Relations between Egypt and Hamas grow warmer, but are still distant. COMMENTARY: Colin Kahl says advocates of an attack on Iranian nuclear facilities should recall the outcome of the attack on Iraq's nuclear program. Doyle McManus says the US should not let itself be compromised by Israeli brinksmanship. Ha'aretz says Israel should heed Obama's advice on Iran. Chemi Shalev says Obama's hard-core detractors won't be swayed no matter what he says. Ron Kampeas looks at the upcoming Obama-Netanyahu meeting. Mostafa Zein says all US administrations look at the Middle East only through the Israeli lens. Rami Khouri says Hamas' break with Syria signals the end of the “resistance axis.” Oudeh Basharat says the time has come for Palestinians to speak out against atrocities in Syria. David Remnick says Israel's democracy is imperiled by extremism. Daniel Levy says Israeli domestic politics make it less likely that there would be any attack against Iran.

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