NEWS: PM Erdogan is meeting with Hamas leaders. Africans in Israel unite to lobby for better treatment. Intermittent attacks continue between Israel and militants in Gaza, with no injuries reported. Palestinian national unity activists ponder their next moves. The Syrian regime threatens to raid Yarmouk refugee camp due to Fatah's support for demonstrations against Pres. Assad. Israeli soldiers kill a man trying to cross the border with Egypt. The PA calls on the international community to pressure Israel to lift economic restrictions. Controversy follows comments from Gilad Shalit's father that, were he a Palestinian, he might want to kidnap Israeli soldiers. Suha Arafat says she is considering a role in Palestinian politics. IDF Chief of Staff Gantz will visit the US and Canada. COMMENTARY: L. Michael Hager says any US support for an Israeli attack on Iran would violate US and international law. David Landau says PM Netanyahu's speech at AIPAC reflected the lingering effects of the Holocaust on Jewish thinking. Ron Gerlitz says foreign donors are pushing to rid Israel of Arabic as an official language. Sari Hanafi says Lebanon must stop humiliating Palestinian refugees. Mkhaimar Abusada looks at the impact on Palestinians of the US-Israeli confrontation with Iran. Gershon Baskin says rather than lurching from crisis to crisis, Palestinians and Israelis need to look for opportunities to move forward. Lara Friedman outlines the dangers she sees in Jewish-American groups taking the lead on pushing for war with Iran. Naomi Paiss critiques the BDS movement. George Hishmeh says that if Israel allowed the Palestinians to live in dignity, it would not have to live in fear. Carlo Strenger says Hamas bears direct responsibility for the fate of Palestinians living under its control.

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