NEWS: The US Supreme Court postpones a ruling on whether Americans born in Jerusalem can list Israel as their birthplace on their passports. Israel suspends cooperation with the UN Human Rights Council. The PA institution-building program is gravely imperiled by a financial crisis. The PA will ask the UN to demand an end to Israel's policy of “administrative detentions.” Marwan Barghouti calls for ending all cooperation with Israel and a new wave of Palestinian civil disobedience against the occupation. Fatah says Hamas has detained its spokesman in Gaza. Hamas arrests dozens of drivers for “spreading rumors” about the fuel shortage, as an online campaign blames the organization for the crisis. The PA is set to ratify a budget with a more than $1 billion shortfall for this year. Former PM Olmert insists Pres. Abbas is indeed “a partner for peace.” COMMENTARY: Nehemia Shtrasler says the deal on the Migron "unauthorized" settlement outpost is a judicial mockery. Chemi Shalev says J Street is like "the 'Bizarro World' of AIPAC.” Nimrod Asulin says Israel has lost some traditional allies in the Middle East, but has found new ones elsewhere. Sarah Colborne says Jerusalem is at the heart of the Palestinian struggle. Marc Schneier and Shamsi Ali say Jews and Muslims should strengthen their ties in the face of terrorist attacks. Yossi Alpher says it would be a disaster for both Israelis and Palestinians if the PA collapsed, and Ghassan Khatib says that without international action it could happen. Gershom Gorenberg says the blurring of the line between Israel and the occupied territories is a dangerous fiction. Barbara Slavin says Israelis fear being blamed for a US-Iran war. Hussein Ibish says a settlement goods boycott is indeed possible.

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