NEWS: The Sinai gas pipeline is again attacked. PM Netanyahu meets Pres. Obama at the White House, and Israeli officials say they are “disappointed” with the meeting. Palestinians say they are also “disappointed but not surprised” by the tenor of the meetings. PA officials warn new austerity measures may not offset the financial crisis. A Palestinian Constitutional Court postpones a hearing on whether the PA president can also serve as prime minister. Two Palestinian children are killed by abandoned Israeli ordnance in the West Bank. Gazans turn to generators given constant electricity outages. A Hamas leader says the organization would not get dragged into any conflict involving Iran. COMMENTARY: The New York Times says neither Israel nor Iran should doubt Obama's resolve. Bruce Ackerman says there is an important legal case against any attack on Iran. Robert Malley and Aaron David Miller say a unilateral Israeli pullback from parts of the West Bank could be useful. The CSM asks if Israel is formally an "ally" of the United States at all. Merav Michaeli says Palestinian women in Israel face a double-discrimination. Gershon Baskin says something must be done urgently to save the two-state solution. Emad El Din Adeeb says Israel believes another intifada may be imminent, and if it does emerge, it must be peaceful. Linda Heard agrees another intifada may be coming. Musa Keilani says many Israelis think a destabilized, disintegrated Syria is in their interests. Connie Bruck explains how those quoted in an ad by the Emergency Committee for Israel strongly objected to the advertisement.

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