NEWS: The latest round of cross-border violence between Israel and Gaza is being shaped by new rocket defense systems and the emerging political order in Egypt. An Egyptian-mediated truce is calming tensions, and a Hamas official says Egypt promised to increase fuel supplies to Gaza. Three more Palestinian civilians have been killed in the latest barrage. As tensions ebb, Israel allows some aid into Gaza. This is only the latest experience of war for the people of Gaza. A new report finds Palestinian children struggle to return to normalcy after being in Israeli prisons. Israeli journalist turned politician Yair Lapid says Palestinians are to blame for the impasse in negotiations. A delegation of Knesset members is boycotting the United States after an MK was denied a US visa due to membership in a banned foreign terrorist organization, Kach. Supposedly pro-Israel American lawmakers push bills recognizing Israeli rule in the occupied territories, apparently without realizing this is one-state advocacy. COMMENTARY: Avi Issacharoff says with the new fighting, Islamic Jihad is trying to upstage Hamas. Amos Harel says behind the scenes, both Israel and Hamas want the violence to end. Gershon Baskin says because the status quo is untenable, leaders need to be imaginative. Leonard Fein says the recent flap about Israel's national anthem reveals deep rifts between Jewish and Arab citizens. Fareed Zakaria hosts a discussion on Iran, Israel and a Palestinian state.Peter Beinart says Pres. Obama has betrayed his ideals when it comes to Israel. John Tirman says the greatest existential threat to Israel is its own policies. Gershom Gorenberg says PM Netanyahu and "his Republican friends" should "shut up" about bombing Iran. Aaron David Miller says the US and Israel are not well-aligned on Iran yet.

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