NEWS: A Palestinian man is shot and killed after reportedly stabbing an Israeli soldier near Hebron. Between concerns about the Arab uprisings and the Iranian nuclear program, Palestinian issues are being pushed to the sidelines. Hamas is continuing to distance itself from Iran. Israeli troops confront Palestinian protesters regarding another hunger-striking Palestinian prisoner. Israel says it's preparing its troops to fight in tunnels. Some Israelis are uncomfortable with PM Netanyahu's use of Holocaust analogies. Palestinian officials reportedly tell Jordanian officials that they will not resume negotiations without a settlement freeze. Fatah officials say talks with Hamas will not resume until their organization can operate freely in Gaza. The PLO calls on the Palestinian Election Commission to prepare to hold voting. Palestinian satirists are turning to the stage after being banned from TV. The presence of religious Orthodox Jews in the Israeli military is growing. Despite the hardships of occupation, Palestinians in both the West Bank and Gaza are training for the Olympics. COMMENTARY: Gideon Levy says Netanyahu is a "fear-monger." Bradley Burstyn asks if Netanyahu will be in real trouble if Pres. Obama is reelected in November. Jonathan Rosen says Obama has proven his commitment to Israel. Tareq Baconi says Hamas is trying to appeal to the Arab grassroots by identifying more with Arab Islamist movements rather than Iran. Hassan Haidar asks if Israel is more afraid of Iran or peace. Barry Rubin says the present Palestinian leadership is unlikely to want another intifada.

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