NEWS: Cross-border violence between Israel and militants in Gaza continues. It began with the assassination of a noted Gaza militant by Israel. 21 Palestinians have been killed in the outbreak so far. The PLO envoy at the UN condemns Israeli "terrorism." Many rockets and missiles have also been launched at southern Israel. Former Mossad head Dagan says an Israeli attack on Iran would be pointless and the response devastating. Israel is still planning to demolish Palestinian solar energy plants in the occupied territories. Settlers in a major "unauthorized" outpost seem to have agreed on a plan to leave. COMMENTARY: Akiva Eldar says PM Netanyahu needs to define what he thinks Israel is. Ha'aretz says Israel needs an anthem that can represent its Arab as well as Jewish citizens, but Michael Sussman defends the current one. Amos Harel and Avi Issacharoff say the new violence between Israel and Gaza will likely wind-down by mid-week. Jeff Barak says a true friend of Israel would have acted towards it exactly as Pres. Obama has. Harriet Sherwood looks at weddings in Gaza. Jay Sekulow and Robert Ash says Israel has a legal case for attacking Iran but Adel Safty says Netanyahu has not made any convincing arguments. The National says Palestinian disunity is a crucial failure. Khaled Diab says cultural changes are making occupied East Jerusalem more livable. Rami Khouri says Israel's vision is walls and wars.

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