NEWS: Limited transfers of fuel to Gaza are barely alleviating the power crisis. Israel is trying to deport refugees back to South Sudan. No arrests are made following an anti-Arab riot by Israeli hooligans. PM Fayyad welcomes a call to increase aid to the PA. A UN agency is launching an investigation into Israeli settlement activities. Israel calls the investigation “hypocritical.” Hamas claims to be optimistic about the financial situation in Gaza. Palestinian refugee schoolgirls study hard in Jordan but face an uncertain future. Most observers agree there will probably be another flareup of violence between Israel and militants in Gaza sooner rather than later. Palestinian dishes are the trendy new fad in high-end Tel Aviv restaurants. COMMENTARY: Amiel Ungar says PM Netanyahu was too restrained in the recent flareup of violence with Gaza-based militants. Jamie Levin says Israel's Iron Dome antimissile system is prohibitively expensive. Amal Shehadeh says Israel's recent attacks on Gaza were a marketing exercise for Iron Dome. Chemi Shalev interviews Peter Beinart. Steven Bayme says Beinart's call for a Zionist boycott of settlement goods will be counterproductive and Nathan Guttman says there's not much to boycott anyway. The Forward calls the idea “dangerously misguided,” but Beinart says his plan can work. Hirsch Goodman says American leaks are part of a campaign to deter an Israeli attack against Iran. Uri Savir says in spite of its military might, Israel faces profound security problems. Jeffrey Goldberg interviews Jeremy Ben-Ami.

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