June 2nd

Coverage is dominated by the Gaza flotilla attack. Hussein Ibish says Israel's narrative of attack is failing badly. The New York Times profiles the Turkish NGO, and says the blockade of Gaza should be lifted and an international investigation launched. Survivors' testimonies strongly contradict the Israeli narrative of the events. Israel sees no need to apologize. The LA Times says Israel has suffered a self-inflicted wound. David Grossman says it shows Israeli society is confused and panicked. Serious complications emerge for the PA. David Makovsky defends the blockade. Both Egypt and Israel takes steps to ease it. An Australian journalist was allegedly electroshocked in the attack. Margaret Atwood says Israel is haunted by its treatment of the Palestinians. The head of Mossad says Israel is becoming a liability for the United States. Pres. Abbas urges international protection for Palestinians. An Israeli Navy commander vows, “next time we will use more force.” Patrick Cockburn says this was a typical botched Israeli military action. The National says Israel fails to understand how it looks to others.

June 1st

News coverage focuses on the Gaza flotilla attack: ATFP Advocacy Director Ghaith Al-Omari is interviewed on CNN; several analyses examine the difficulties it poses to the peace process; the UN Security Council issues a condemnation and calls for an independent investigation; Israel says the Free Gaza movement poses a threat to its national security; the Washington Post says PM Netanyahu has to move quickly in the direction of establishing a Palestinian state; Israeli-Turkish relations are deeply strained; the PLO issues a six point plan of response; a new aid ship is headed towards Gaza; the Israeli inner cabinet is angered the attack went forward without consultation; Amos Harel says Israel fell into a trap due to poor planning; the Guardian says such actions establish Israel as a pariah state in the region; Eyad Sarraj says Israel is a victim of its own pathologies; the Jordan Times and the Arab News condemn the attack as murderous piracy; the head of Mossad says Israel is gradually becoming a burden on the U.S. 2,000 financiers are attending the Palestine Investment Conference. The IDF kills two Palestinians in Gaza. The Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics says there were no new housing starts in the West Bank in the first three months of 2010. Aaron David Miller says Pres. Obama simply has to deal with PM Netanyahu. ATFP President Ziad Asali is named to Pres. Obama's delegation to the Palestine Investment Conference.

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