Egypt finds itself in a difficult position following Israel's attack on the Gaza flotilla. There is widespread international and Israeli skepticism about Israel's commission of inquiry, and UNSG Ban says an international commission is still required. PM Fayyad condemns an attack on an Israeli police officer. Palestinians release a study on export opportunities in Europe. Israel's security chief says lifting the blockade is risky but a minister says changes are being examined. A Palestinian is killed in a tunnel collapse. Hamas blocks a nonviolent demonstration against Israel's Gaza buffer zone. Israeli minister Dan Meridor says Israel should not build in areas that will become a Palestinian state. Yoel Marcus says the flotilla attack means the blockade is over. Ireland expels an Israeli diplomat over the Dubai assassination. Gadi Taub says Fayyad may be the Palestinian Ben Gurion. UC Irvine suspends its Muslim Student Union for disrupting a speech by Israeli Amb. Michael Oren. Palestinian MK Hanin Zoaby, who was on the flotilla, has reportedly become “the most hated person in Israel”

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