The Washington Post says the Gaza blockade must be eased without strengthening Hamas. Jonah Goldberg says the blockade is working, but Gershon Baskin says it strengthens Hamas. VP Biden says the US is looking for new ways of managing the problem. The CSM profiles the American killed in the flotilla attack. The PA welcomes international calls for ending the blockade, and may present a joint plan with the EU. Flotilla passengers strongly contradict Israel's narrative of the attack. The Palestinian Economy Minister explains the settlement goods boycott at a Tel Aviv event. UN criticism of Israel marks a subtle shift in US policy. Turkey seeks to mobilize regional pressure on Israel. Israeli security forces clash with settlers. The Israeli military is investigating the flotilla attack, and Israel is seeking a US green light for an independent panel. Nahum Barnea says Israel has no leadership. The flotilla crisis may lead Kadima back into the government. Egypt says it will keep its Gaza border open indefinitely. Tariq Alhomayed asks when the Arabs are going to realize the games being played by Iran and others. Abdul Rahman Al-Rashid asks whether Turkey's actions make it part of an Iranian axis or a rival. Ghassan Khatib says the world must confront Israel's behavior. Women are urged to get involved in Palestinian security efforts.

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