Coverage again centers on the Gaza flotilla attack. The US says the block is untenable. An American is among those killed. Israeli Amb. Oren defends the action. Nick Kristof says Israel has damaged its own and US interests. PM Netanyahu praises the action. More Israeli experts say the mission was botched. Doyle McManus says Pres. Obama may be able to use the incident to leverage Israel on peace. A Palestinian MK on the flotilla describes the attack. Turkish MPs say this is a turning point and the US response is crucial. Fred Kaplan says such actions are usually simple matters for navies. Richard Irvine says the incident recalls the 1947 Exodus affair. The National says Israeli spin is failing. Tariq Alhomayed says only Arab errors can save Israel from the consequences. Life in Gaza is complex and dysfunctional. Two Palestinian students are shot by a settler in Hebon. An IDF panel says its decisions on settlers must refer to international and not Israeli law. Michael Jansen profiles new Palestinian strategies in the occupied West Bank.

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