Pres. Obama says the flotilla tragedy can be used to advance peace. Israel says it wants to find new ways for goods to enter Gaza. David Ignatius says the US should keep pressing Israel on its Gaza policy. A Palestinian MK on the flotilla is assailed upon her return to the Knesset, and the Interior Minister seeks to have her citizenship revoked. Survivors begin to tell their stories. Proximity talks continue in spite of the attack. At the PIC, Pres. Abbas says investment is crucial to liberation. Gideon Levy says PM Netanyahu always said the world was against Israel, and now it is. Anshel Pfeffer says Israel is being let down by the diaspora. Four projectiles are fired into southern Israel from Gaza. Hamas raids Gaza NGOs. Jonathan Power says the flotilla tragedy shows the power of nonviolence. Aaron David Miller says Palestinian-Israeli peace is a hopeless cause. Gaza businessmen attend the PIC in spite of the blockade. Leon Wieseltier says the flotilla attack reflects a paranoid mentality.

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