ATFP Senior Fellow Hussein Ibish is interviewed by All Things Considered. Israel rejects an international inquiry into the flotilla attack; Turkish activists release new photos; Iran offers to protect ships; PM Netanyahu may be forced to ease the blockade, and is fighting to keep control of Israel's internal inquiry away from the State Comptroller; released activists and Israel trade accusations; a Palestinian MK on the flotilla says a witchhunt has ensued in Israel. The US ponders its strategic relationship with Israel. Tom Friedman says Palestinian state building is “the ballgame.” Ross Douthat asks if Israel it is going the way of Crusader states. Daniel Kurtzer says Israel should care more about international opinion. The blockade has not weakened Hamas' grip on power. Alastair Crooke says Turkey has emerged as a new champion of Palestine, Raghida Dergham says it's vying for influence with Iran, and Tariq Alhomayed says so is Hezbollah. Most PLO factions will run a united list in upcoming municipal elections. France will partner with Palestinian banks to promote private sector growth in the West Bank. The Palestinian Chief Judge resigns. Israeli forces kill four divers off the coast of Gaza. The US demands an inquiry into how an American student lost an eye at a West Bank protest. Hussein Ibish says new Palestinian strategies are demanding clarity on the status of the occupied territories.

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