ATFP President Ziad Asali analyzes the Palestine Investment Conference. The CSM asks what drives PM Netanyahu and says Israel's easing of the Gaza blockade shows that progress is possible. Palestinians are divided on the blockade easing. Ha'aretz says it is a victory for the activists, but that the decision was not announced in Hebrew. Experts say it's not a lasting solution. The National calls it a ploy. Peace Now says settlers are still building in spite of the moratorium. Special Envoy Mitchell holds talks with Pres. Abbas, and urges restraint in a meeting with DM Barak. Ha'aretz profiles Israel's inner cabinet. The Palestinian cause finds strong support in Ireland. The World Zionist Congress votes in favor of a two-state solution and a settlement freeze. Rami Khouri says Pres. Obama is facing a test of his credibility. Dominique Moisi says Israeli political reform is essential.

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