Pres. Peres says the US should engage Hamas on peace. Israel bombs 4 sites in Gaza. Israel offers to let EU officials visit Gaza. On the fourth anniversary of the capture of Gilad Shalit, rights groups criticize Hamas' treatment of Israeli prisoners. Israeli soldiers often kill Palestinians with impunity. Aluf Benn describes the four stages of US-Israel policy disputes. Yitzhak Laor says the spirit of Kahane is alive in Israel's universities. Gideon Levy asks when the Israelis will hold PM Netanyahu to account for his policies. Israelis accuse Palestinians of “stealing” water in the occupied West Bank. Israel plans to increase trucks into Gaza by 200%. Ray Hanania praises the first planned Palestinian city in the West Bank. Antony Lerman says a lively debate has emerged about the nature of Israeli society. The Economist says Hamas is gaining ground following the flotilla debacle, and the US calls further flotillas irresponsible. Patrick Seale says that, alarmed by regional developments, Israel may be reconsidering peace with Syria.

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