Tom Friedman says Palestinian economic growth in the West Bank is changing everything. Pres. Obama and the Saudi King discuss the peace process. A Hamas member who spied for Israel begs not to be deported from the United States. Under much criticism, Israel may extend the remit of the Gaza flotilla investigation. Pres. Abbas urges stronger efforts on peace. Disabled activists fight for rights in Gaza. A new poll shows Palestinians and Israelis are hopeful but cautious about peace. Projectiles fired from Gaza strike southern Israel. Bradley Burston says Israel has been taken over by tea party-like fanatics. Settlers announce an “aggressive campaign” against PM Netanyahu. The Hamas-Fatah divide is proving unbridgeable. A proposed Israeli law would outlaw all forms of boycott, including against settlement goods. DM Barak is acting more as Israel's Foreign Minister than FM Lieberman. PM Hariri calls for more rights for Palestinians in Lebanon, and Rami Khouri says the situation is shameful. Yossi Alpher says the Gaza blockade has been counterproductive.

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