Pres. Abbas arrives in Washington to meet with Pres. Obama, and says leadership and courage are now required. Daniel Williams profiles the PA settlement goods boycott. Flotilla activists continue to strongly contradict Israel's narrative. The CSM asks if Israel's blockade is legal. Ron Grossman says Israel finds itself in a similar position as Britain did in 1947. Pres. Obama may offer more Gaza aid. Many Gazans are leaving the territory through the reopened crossing with Egypt. Flotilla leaders say they will return with more ships. The Palestine Investment Conference garners $940 million in new projects. Britain denies a Daily Telegraph report that Israel has agreed to ease the siege of Gaza in exchange for a watered down investigation. Israeli police describe violent clashes with settlers. Elias Harfoush says the rise of Turkish PM Erdogan in the region is a symptom of Arab decline. Osama Al Sharif says Turkey is being bold while the Arabs are being “muted and shy.” Michael Weiss says the emergence of PM Fayyad is “the best thing to happen in the Middle East in ages.”

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