The CSM says Israel has a stake in the emergence of a democratic Egypt, but analysts say Israel fears an Islamist takeover. 10 Palestinians in Gaza are injured by Israeli airstrikes. Aaron David Miller says now is not the time for major diplomacy, but Leonard Fein says it is. Israel's military spokesman visited the UK incognito. The Knesset moves forward a bill to strip Azmi Bishara of his pension. Israelis worry about not having a UN ambassador. Israeli occupation forces in Hebron close a station to settlers. The head of NATO says the organization has a role to play in peace. Criminal charges are filed against UC Irvine students who heckled Israeli Amb. Oren, and the LA Times calls this "overkill." The New York City transit system is now host of competing ad campaigns. Ghassan Khatib looks at Palestinian views of unrest in Egypt. Smadar Perry says Israel needs to move fast on peace with the Palestinians.

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