ATFP President, Ziad Asali speaks at the University of Oxford about the State-Building Program. Israel seems more relaxed about Egypt's future and Tom Freidman says it should be happy with the outcome though it does not seem to be. The head Palestinian negotiator resigns. The PLO announces elections by September, but Hamas denounces the plan. The PA cabinet will resign in preparation for a reshuffle. Pres. Abbas calls for an end to attacks on Qatar. Israel still has major input on Palestinian security measures. Calls are issued to investigate an extremist rabbi's possible ties to the assassin of PM Rabin. Shlomo Avineri says peace with Egypt is essential for Israel. The Jerusalem Post says Palestinians can learn lessons from the Egyptian experience. PM Fayyad says he does not know of any state that opposes Palestinian independence. Patrick Seale says Egypt's relationship with Israel will become more distant.

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