The PA says local elections will be held on July 9, but Hamas rejects the plan. PM Fayyad calls for international pressure to end settler violence. Hebron seeks UNESCO recognition. Bernard Avishai says Israeli-Palestinian peace is still possible. Jonah Goldberg says Middle Eastern politicians are exploiting the conflict. PM Netanyahu says peace treaties can be canceled. Palestinians launch their first private equity fund.Spain's FM visits Hebron and settlers call her a "Nazi" and "anti-Semite." Israeli soldiers shoot a Palestinian man in the Gaza border area. Ha'aretz says Netanyahu must advance peace if he wants a stable Middle East. An extremist rabbi insists he's not a racist. Four projectiles land in southern Israel. Hamas is working with disgruntled bedouin tribes in Sinai. Gaza is facing a fuel crisis due to unrest in Egypt. Abdulateef al-Mulhim says Arabs believe in non-existent Israeli conspiracies. Hussein Ibish says Jewish and Arab Americans need to find common ground on peace.

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