ATFP President Ziad Asali says Arab protests are about government accountability. Kadima leader Livni urges a democratic code for the Middle East. Fareed Zakaria says that Middle East protests represent a seismic shift in the region. Hamas claims Israel is more receptive to a prisoner exchange. Israel bombs Gaza. PM Fayyad tours a refugee camp. A projectile fired from Gaza hits an Israeli city, and Israel anticipates more. Israel allows 300 Palestinians to return to the West Bank from Libya. Hamas may be gaining strength. A judge dismisses a defamation lawsuit against AIPAC by a former employee. Umberto Eco criticizes cultural boycotts of Israel. Palestinians say any unity government will be headed by Fayyad, and Hamas must renounce terrorism. Four Israeli teenagers are suspected of stabbing two Palestinian men. Larry Derfner says Palestinian "people power" will end the occupation. Douglas Bloomfield says neither side seems to want to negotiate. Dr. Asali joins others in praising Dan Shapiro’s appointment as new US ambassador to Israel. George Hishmeh says the US veto at the UN shows nothing has changed. Michael Jansen says Palestinian unity is important.

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