Pres. Obama telephones Pres. Abbas. Hamas seeks to capitalize on Egyptian unrest. Walter Rogers looks at Israeli anxieties but analysts say they may see benefits as well. Abbas says Palestinian elections must include Gaza. Palestinians say the US has new ideas for peace talks. The US is still expected to veto a UN resolution on settlements, and The National says it will be a test of American rhetoric on the issue. The Israeli Supreme Court rules that Jews cannot reclaim land lost in Hebron after 1948. Gideon Levy says Israeli school trips to Hebron resemble visits to Auschwitz. Israeli-Jordanian relations are seen as solid. Israeli leaders continue to warn against a rapid spread of Arab democracy. An important Picaso painting will be displayed in the West Bank. Mara Rudman and Marc Grossman are named to senior administration posts. Jewish American organizations scramble to react to a changing Arab world. Genocide scholars argue about Israel's conduct in 1948. Matti Steinberg looks at how the Arab Peace Initiative deals with the refugee issue.

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