Sallai Meridor looks at Israeli concerns about unrest in Egypt. Gazans rally in support of the protests. NATO says it would provide peacekeepers if Israel and the Palestinians want that. Pres. Peres inaugurates a hi-tech recruitment program for Palestinian citizens of Israel. Pres. Abbas calls Israel's policies "dangerous." FM Lieberman says he may leave the Netanyahu coalition. A Jewish Israeli woman gives birth in a Palestinian hospital. Occupation forces demolish both settler and Palestinian structures in the West Bank. US officials reaffirm the American commitment to Israel's security. Local elections may deepen the Palestinian divide. FM Hauge says the peace process is at risk. Daoud Kuttab asks why Americans seem to be boycotting Bethlehem's mayor. Michael Young says Israel's fears about Egypt are the consequences of its own short-sightedness. George Hishmeh says PM Netanyahu should worry about peace with the Palestinians, not events in Egypt.

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