Ziad Asali applauds the Arab citizen standing up for his dignity and says that as Egypt goes, so will most of the rest of the Arab world. The New York Times hosts a debate on Pres. Mubarak’s role in the peace process. Palestinian groups and media are largely silent on events in Egypt. Roger Cohen says the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is no longer an excuse for lack of Arab reform. Israel approves the first military deployment in Sinai since 1979. Israelis wonder if the US position on Egypt is a warning to Israel. The PA accuses Hamas of selling donated medicine, and says Israel’s destruction of water resources must stop. The PA says it will hold local elections as soon as possible. Two rockets fired from Gaza land in Israel. Palestinian citizens of Israel use dance in quest for tolerance. Israel denies sending riot control equipment to Egypt. Janan Abdu says her husband and other Palestinian prisoners are being abused by Israel. The Chronicle of Higher Education profiles Sari Nusseibeh.

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