Israeli concerns about relations with Egypt grow. Israel destroys a Bedouin village. Hamas dismisses calls for Palestinian national unity. PM Fayyad says the US veto of a UN resolution on settlement is a complicating factor, while the Jordan Times calls it "shameful" and Gideon Levy says it brings Pres. Obama too close to the Likud. Israel and the US test a new missile. Hamas expels male stylists from women's hair salons. Shlomo Shamir says the UN may act on Palestinian independence. The PA is expanding its activities in occupied East Jerusalem. A settler gets a nominal sentence for weapons theft. Plans to expand a key settlement in Jerusalem are rejected. PM Netanyahu acknowledges the Palestinian aspiration to statehood. Gershon Baskin says the Knesset is a bastion of xenophobia. Jonathan Cook says the Israeli and Egyptian militaries will become more influential. Linda Heard says Israel increasingly needs peace based on a Palestinian state. Ian McEwan accepts the Jerusalem prize for literature but condemns Israeli policies. Ghassan Khatib says Palestinian leaders are serious about plan for elections. Hussein Ibish says the dream that began in Tunis and Cairo is turning into a nightmare in Libya.

Israeli Amb. Oren says Egypt must hold the treaty with Israel. Palestinians protest the US veto of a UN resolution on settlements though Pres. Abbas says Palestinians will not downgrade ties to the US. Daoud Kuttab says the vote was on the wrong side of history. Pres. Obama reportedly tried to convince Palestinians to withdraw the resolution. Aaron David Miller says US Mideast policy has become deeply complicated. Palestinians discuss a possible unity government. Netanyahu adviser Uzi Arad resigns. British novelist Ian McEwan criticizes Israeli settlement policy. Israel’s Attorney General says a probe into left-wing groups could violate human rights. The UN says settlements complicate Palestinian state-building. A Knesset committee is looking into a bill to thwart future settlement freezes. Ha’aretz says the US veto is a warning to PM Netanyahu. A tear-gas launcher hits a home in Silwan. The Media Line interview FM al-Malki. Palestinians in Nablus wonder if Egypt-style protests are possible.

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